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Construction Matters

Gallagher & Cavanaugh represents owners, contractors, sub-contractors, and design professionals against  wrongful death and serious personal injury claims arising from construction-related accidents.  Our attorneys are well versed in the federal and state regulations that govern construction site safety and their potential impact on accident claims as well as the contractual and indemnification issues that are often involved in such claims.  As with our work in products liability, we provide instruction on the appropriate methods for the early reporting and investigation of construction practices and accidents to help provide the best possible defense should a claim arise.  We work with clients during OSHA investigations in the immediate aftermath of construction site accidents, so that their rights are protected during this administrative phase, as well as in a later personal injury lawsuit.   We also assist businesses in the development of safety manuals and procedures that can satisfy government requirements and industry practices. 

Gallagher & Cavanaugh also handles disputes that arise in the course of construction projects.  For example, our construction law attorneys are experienced in handling disagreements over non-payment, workmanship, design quality, changes to the plans and specifications, delays, differing site conditions, and cost overruns, among other common construction disputes.  We know and work with leading technical experts to advance or defend such matters in order to reach as quick and cost-effective a resolution as possible.

Avoiding construction litigation begins with the use of appropriate contract documents.  While the use of standardized forms are common, they may contain unhelpful or vaguely worded provisions.  Our attorneys have developed or can adapt construction agreements to best suit a particular project and, more importantly, a particular client.

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