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Litigation is a multi-faceted process that demands creative problem solving based on years of experience in various venues.  Gallagher & Cavanaugh has a proven record of success in the trial, appeal, and other resolution of complex tort and commercial cases in federal and state courts in Massachusetts and throughout the country.  Our litigation department is well respected and a cornerstone of the firm’s practice.  We have tried many civil cases in the products, construction, employment, motor vehicle, premises, liquor liability, professional malpractice, and commercial fields, among others. 

At all steps in litigation (and even before a claim is made), we work closely with our clients to identify and achieve their goals.  We plan litigation tasks with our clients, seek their input on court filings, and keep them continuously apprised of the progress of the action.  We also work closely with our client to control litigation costs.  Among other things, we make an early case assessment so that together we can determine the most cost-effective strategy.  We then develop a detailed litigation plan reflecting this strategy and monitor our compliance with the plan on an ongoing basis. 

We are keenly aware that the increasing complexity and expense of traditional trial practice require the exploration and development of more efficient, economical, and effective methods of delivering litigation services.  Accordingly, we continually to monitor new developments in litigation support services and take advantage of them where appropriate, including the use of graphic and computerized demonstrative aids to assist in the presentation of cases at trial and mediation, the use of jury consultants, and the use of experts in many different fields to serve both as testifying witnesses and consultants.

In addition to representing clients at trial and in post-trial and appellate proceedings, we provide a range of services aimed at preventing and resolving disputes.  Among other things, we conduct “preventive litigation” counseling, including instruction on the appropriate methods for the early reporting and investigation of complaints and accidents.  We are frequently retained pre-claim and pre-suit and have been able to dissuade potential plaintiffs from filing suit.

Our goal in each case is to use our experience and skills as attorneys to produce the best results for our clients in the most efficient manner possible.  Regardless of the client, the location of the forum, or the size and nature of the dispute, we pride ourselves on our lawyers’ skill, creativity, and integrity, all of which have traditionally been the hallmark of our trial practice.

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