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Products Liability

Gallagher & Cavanaugh has extensive experience in product liability and complex tort litigation and has handled cases through jury verdicts in Massachusetts and throughout the country. We represent a number of nationally known product manufacturers by serving as national and regional counsel to coordinate counsel in trial and appellate courts throughout the country to ensure that a consistent and effective defense is established in each case. We are and have been involved with a wide range of products, including but not limited to printing presses and other graphic arts equipment, woodworking power tools of all types, motor vehicles (including trucks), cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, construction equipment, industrial machinery, heating and air conditioning equipment, boats, electrical equipment, amusement rides, valves, medical appliances, fabrics, playground equipment, etc.

Our work in products matters involves more than representing parties in products liability litigation. In addition to our trial and appellate work in products liability, Gallagher & Cavanaugh works with clients to help prevent product liability claims in the first instance or to create a system to help provide the best possible defense should a claim arise. We provide preventive litigation counseling including instruction on the appropriate methods for the early reporting and investigation of product complaints and accidents. We also help write ANSI standards and develop warnings and instructions used with products to minimize our clients' risks.

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